Thanks to funds collected, The Farm 51 has completed the second stage of the support which was addressed to victims of the Chernobyl disaster. This time we help the samosils (residents, who despite evacuation orders, returned to their homes in the zone).

Help in the action went to more than 20 houses of samosils, and focused primarily on delivering food, clean products, clothes and blankets.

Photo by Krystian Machnik

“We could not believe, that this could be the life of people in the 21st century. When we visited the samosils for the first time, we decided to help those people. We started visiting some people, calling them nasionnica parcels with help. Everytime we felt that is not enough. So we began to think of a solution that would make every one of the 149 living in the Zone able to count on our help and not in an occasional but systematic way”.