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Ever since we’ve announced our game, we’ve been receiving tons of comments and feedback from the gaming community out there, and it all led us to one conclusion. That everybody hopes to be able to explore the destroyed Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Pripyat ghost city in our game as deeply as possible. And we’re more than eager to deliver that! 

But this means, that we should expand the locations in the game comparing to the original concept we had and ask gamers for their help in doing so. It’s a hard and dangerous task keeping in mind that to achieve that goal, we’ll need to make some extra trips to the Exclusion Zone and scan even more buildings and objects. Then, processing of the scanned data and turning it into game locations will take a lot of work.

That is why we decided to reach out for community support. During our Kickstarter campaign you have the chance to pre-order the game and make pledges to receive some really cool items. The crowdfunding campaign will let us collect some extra funds to do location expansions for Chernobylite and add some extra features that we were always dreaming of. Also, what is even more important, it will allow us gather the feedback on the first versions of our project and to develop it according to community opinions.

The game is being developed for both PC and consoles, but as a small team we have to handle one platform at a time. This is why we will start with the PC version, and if we get enough popularity and support here on Kickstarter, we’ll also push to make solid plans for the other platforms. During the last 8 years we have developed 3 multiplatform games and Chernobylite is already designed and tested in console environment, but only by launching a successful Kickstarter campaign we can organize the final porting work and plan the console releases.