Prepare yourself for a dark and ominous experience as you wander around the contaminated Chernobylite area, because this title will not only come into being, it will also include a bigger area available for exploration, new languages, a weapon crafting system, and real Chernobyl Exclusion Zone sounds!

Thanks to the loyal support of the Kickstarter community, Chernobylite won’t just be visually realistic – the game world will also be much larger than previously assumed. In addition, the game’s realism will be enriched by audio recorded in the very locations in which the game is set: Chernobyl and Pripyat! The game will also be translated into even more languages, so that more people can truly enjoy Chernobylite and experience the game in their native languages. Gameplay will also be enhanced with the addition of a weapons crafting system.

We decided to give away free Steam keys of their previous documentary Chernobyl VR Project as the extra prize to anybody who supported or will support the campaign with pledge higher than 15 USD. So far Chernobyl VR Project was available only on virtual reality devices, but for Kickstarter backers there will be some special version placed on Steam that won’t require using VR headsets.

It’s also worth adding the game to your wishlist on Steam ( so as not to miss any updates on its further development.

The developers are very active on Discord, organizing AMAs and other activities for their community there. So if you’d like to take part in those, feel free to join their official channel (