Deadfall Adventures

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    15 / 11 / 2013

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    Nordic Games
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In Deadfall Adventures, the player plays the role of James Lee Quatermaine, a treasure hunter and notorious troublemaker known for his passion for adventures. James is drawn into an intrigue, which will trigger the greatest adventure of his life. By unlocking subsequent elements of the mysterious artifact, the character will reach remote and exotic parts of the world: the deserts of Egypt, the ice-covered Arctic, and the foggy jungle of Guatemala. In his journey he will come across hordes of opponents and even rescue a lady in need. Deadfall Adventures  is a game inspired by a host of iconic adventure movies and books, referring to the very best of the genre.

Main features

  • A first-person action-adventure game
  • The plot inspired by iconic books by H.R. Haggard
  • Quick and intensive action with FPS skirmishes
  • Functional gear of a treasure hunter: compass, map, notebook, flashlight
  • Riddles of different difficulty allowing for pushing the action forward
  • Breathtaking locations: Egypt, the Arctic, and forgotten Mayan ruins in Guatemala
  • A unique multiplayer using action-adventure solutions

Version for PlayStation 3

Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis  for PlayStation 3 is only seemingly another version of Deadfall Adventures for Xbox 360 and PC. The Farm 51 team took to heart players’ remarks concerning previous editions, and put in a lot of effort to meet fans’ expectations. As a result, the version for PlayStation 3 offers many gameplay improvements and completely new content:

What does Playstation 3 version include?

  •  New locations and secrets to unlock
  • Major graphics and gameplay improvements
  • Survival/Co-op mode available only for PlayStation 3
  • New fights with bosses
  • New cut-scenes and an improved look and feel of the cut-scenes known from previous versions of the game
  • An expanded and improved character upgrade system
  • A rewritten notebook system
  • A new flashlight attack effective against selected opponents

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