Necrovision lost company

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    01 / 02 / 2010

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    1C Company
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NecroVisioN: Lost Company is a continuation of a dynamic and brutal shooter which combines World War I reality and a dark horror. Fast action, fighting against an overwhelming number of enemies, and an intriguing combination of the gloomy reality of World War I with supernatural elements appealed to the fans. The game’s authors refer to the classics of the genre, focusing primarily on quick and arcade entertainment.


The second part of NecroVisioN is in fact a prequel, i.e. it features the events occurring before the story told in the first part. We are a German soldier who discovers that some dark forces, like zombies and demons, also take part in the war. The character must face hordes of opponents and learn its destiny. It turns out that he will become a Necromancer, a powerful enemy known from the original NecroVisioN telling the story of Simon Bukner’s adventures.

What’s new?

The authors prepared lots of new content for enthusiasts of fast action known from NecroVisioN. Above all, we get a new single player campaign which includes 10 levels. In our journey, we meet 15 new characters and use 6 weapons, which have so far been unavailable and can be upgraded. Another new feature is the ability to drive an FT17 tank and fly a Halberstadt CL.II aircraft. Also worth noting is the enriched fight system, which enables combos and impressive finishing moves. As usual, the gameplay is very fast and brutal. In addition to the single player campaign, an important part of NecroVisioN is online fun. Lost Company offers a completely new game mode, namely Gas Attack. The battles can now be fought on three new maps. The player can also choose from a few interesting character skins. The authors improved the visual aspect of their work by adding lots of modern effects and solutions, e.g., depth of field, better shades, and support for latest shaders.

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