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    20 / 02 / 2009

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    1C Company
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Vampires, demons and World War I form the background of a dynamic shooter which ensures non-stop action. What is more, an attack of hellish hordes is merely the beginning. As time passes, the game gathers pace and never stops to surprise the player. Controlling a mech, many types of opponents, exciting hand-to-hand combat, and ingenious skirmishes – all of this ensures unique entertainment not only for enthusiasts of old-school shooters.

Supernatural powers

NecroVisioN is an FPS whose action takes place during World War I. As the weaponry from that period was not sufficient to depict a conflict with supernatural beings, the authors decided to add a few elements to give the game a specific, supernatural character. These include supernatural powers, vampires, demons, and zombies. To create NecroVisioN, the developers used a slightly enhanced engine previously used in Painkiller.

The depicted world

The plot takes us back to the early twentieth century, namely to 1916. Humanity is on the verge of a global conflict and little does it know that deep underground, a civilization of vampires is developing. Hidden from the sun, engaged in extracting precious resources, the bloodsuckers have lived unnoticed for years. Unfortunately, with technological progress came fascination with black magic. These dangerous activities resulted in opening a portal to the dimension where Demons resided. The hellish creatures, with the zeal typical for its species, started to exterminate vampires. A great war broke out, in which the situation was starting to play out in favor of the invaders. Armies of Demons turned out so strong that even Shadow Warriors, the special vampire units, started to give in. The only way was to seek the help of human troops deployed to the front lines of World War I. Specially stupefied soldiers are kidnapped and used to fight hordes of Demons. The players play the role of one of such soldiers.

Innovative multiplayer

Maps for the multiplayer mode are divided into two types: those accurately reflecting the battlefields of World War I, and fantasy ones, located in the land of vampires and demons. For the first ones, we can choose from a few modes (traditional deathmatch, or missions where the aim is to accomplish a specific task). The second type of maps enables us to choose any of the races available in the game and use their special weapons. Regardless of the map, the number of ways to exterminate the opponent grows. In the multiplayer mode, there are more combos and elements such as the ability to set a trap, use combat gases, or call for artillery support.

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