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In cooperation with the Biomechatronics Department of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology, we have developed an application that helps activate the youngest. Advanced Cave 3D technology and a 3D headset with an array of sensors and joysticks allow the kids to immerse in virtual reality where they immediately feel at home. By helping virtual animals, the kids also perform important rehabilitation exercises to which they usually object in normal circumstances.

Fun and rehabilitation

Such form of “rehabitainment” appeals to the youngest, and eliminates the boredom of repeatable exercise. The child is surrounded by a virtual, 3D world on all sides: all it has to do is put the headset on, and grab the sensors. This is all it takes to start running around a tropical island or pick fruits from the trees!

This is exactly how the Cave 3D technology developed at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, in cooperation with The Farm 51, works. The room, where the 3D image is projected on the walls and the floor, is located in the Gliwice Technopark. This is the very first such “cave” in all Poland.

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